Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Easy DIY From Plastic Scales to Vintage 'Antiqued Metal' Look..

I bought these plastic scales to try out an idea I had in mind for a while now.  I was trying to see if I could make them look like an old metal scales. I still need to paint the numbers back on but overall I think they came out good.  I want to do a bigger project using this technique so rather than take on a large scale project I thought I'd try out something a little small scale first. 

This scales had a clear plastic cover on the front so I popped  that off first and then painted the face of the scales with a mixture of some black and gold paints. The photo below shows a closer look where you can kinda see the old antique painted wrought iron look I was going for.
I think it worked!


  1. Hi dear friend !! Que espectacular diy .. Adore el cambio que se le dio .. Parece realmente una pieza antigua

  2. Thank you so much Angelica. DIY projects are so satisfying when they turn out right aren't they? Thanks once again for your lovely comments always.