Saturday, 30 January 2016

Recovered Torn Leather Chair With Fabric.

I found this old leather chair and had just the right piece of material in my stash of remnants to cover it with. It's completely ripped up but in such good shape otherwise. I would have left it behind only it was so sturdy, so comfortable and so well made that I  really just couldn't leave it behind now could I! 
So here it is below all 'newed' up again in chocolate and gold stripes, black painted, waxed and polished legs with a touch of gold on the tips.
I like that it's such a slim chair so it will fit in just anywhere. It would make for a nice little bedroom chair. I didn't even have to re-stuff this chair it was that perfect-other than the ripped up leather!

And Below we have Briggs modeling the gold and chocolate striped side chair.

A little detail photo of the tucking and pleating. And the gold dipped legs. Notice the arch on the seat which was a little more difficult because of its shape but which actually turned out way easier than I thought it was going to be.

And just so Baz doesn't feel left out!


  1. H!,that wonderful transformation ,, adore the upholstery , this chair remain as new,, the fabric Is beautifull

  2. Thank you so much Angelica D. I only saw this now so sorry. Happy Halloween:-) Marie

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    1. Thank you Etsycom I'm glad you found it helpful :-)

  4. Thank you Etsycom I'm glad you found it helpful :-)