Monday, 29 June 2015

Kitchen DIY - Brighten Up Your Kitchen with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Below: Before the cabinets were painted.

Below:  The Cabinets are painted with Annie Sloan 'Olde White'  Chalk Paint and finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Below:  Walls are primed & french doors are ready to be painted dark grey.

Below:  The french doors were painted with Colortrend Templar Grey.

Below: Walls painted in Dulux Parisian Cream.

 Below:Doors were all taken off and  before the new wainscot back splash went up we took the opportunity to add extra electrical outlets as the island gets so much use with phones and laptops etc. charging. 

Below: Opting for a wooden wainscot back splash instead of tile adds some texture and warmth which can sometimes be lost in an all white kitchen.  

Oval table is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 'Graphite' and given two coats of Annie Sloan dark wax for sheen and protection...  Spot the hammer!

Below: We added hammered pewter door handles for more texture and, well, just because they're gorgeous.

All the tiny wooden pine knobs were switched out for the more dramatic Hammered Pewter Handles. This made a huge difference to the overall look..

And to add some colour, this sturdy little geranium flowers in the kitchen almost year round.

Cobalt blue accessories are great against white for some added contrast.

A cozy reading nook never goes astray..

Wooden love heart..

More wooden love hearts :-)

One last before and after!

Okay just one more.. 

And that's it for now..

The following is a breakdown of materials and cost:

-Kitchen Cabinets painted with three tins of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 'Olde White' @ approx €27.00 Per Tin.  

-Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles x 26 @ €4.99 per handle are from Woodies.

-Walls were primed with primer first and then painted with one 2.5 litre can of Dulux  Easycare Washable  Matte Paint in 'Parisian Cream' @ €35.99  Per Tin. Also from  Woodies.

-The Back Splash wainscoting was painted with a washable paint 'Brilliant White' from      Woodies

-Back Splash Wainscoting is also from Woodies. I cannot remember exact pricing but it    comes in panels for around €20.  I used about four panels.

-Entry Doors were primed with Zinser Bin Primer and then painted over with  'Brilliant  White' non  yellowing white paint. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Autumn Themed Window Display for Interiors Shop in Ennis County Clare.

So this is the 'Before' window and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  This shop has every curtain, upholstery fabric and wallpaper you can imagine! 

Below are some 'after' photographs.  They're not great quality.  I just couldn't get a decent shot of the whole window but here goes..

I just took everything out of the window and started fresh to try and give it a completely different look and show off a little of what the shop had to offer inside.

This window is long and very narrow so I could barely fit the two chairs and table in there but even in such tight quarters you can mimic the feeling of a warm homely sitting room..I used the stores own fabrics to recover the two old beat up chairs whose rattan seats had completely shredded away and I painted them in a black glossy paint for a sharp contemporary look.

Below are some close up details of tassels and cushions etc...

That's it for now :-)