Thursday, 24 May 2018

Cabinet Makeover With Royal Design Studio Stencil

 When I spotted this cabinet in the charity shop where I volunteer I straight away had an idea in my head of how I wanted to paint it. I had the paint and I had the stencil so home it came with me. I used the Royal Design Studio 'Large Hollywood Squares' stencil on the inside applied with Johnstone's Metallic Gold Paint over Cushion White.  


Royal Design Studio Stencils
Single Overlay
'Hollywood Squares'

The cabinet itself was in bad shape and quite scratched but it was sturdy and I just fell in love with those beautiful big glass doors.

I love how you can turn an old battered piece of furniture into something beautiful again with just some paint, a stencil and your imagination.
You can use any of the chalky paints and waxes with Royal Design Studio Stencils. Just be sure to gently wash your stencil after each use to keep it in good shape so you can use it again and again.  
I plan to use this again on our bedroom wall.
Before & After
And that's it. I think I've covered everything but if you have any questions just ask away..
One other thing. I will probably wax this piece even though it looks fine for now but the wax will protect the paint from any scratches etc. so better safe than sorry. 


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