Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Easy D.I.Y. Verdigris Painted Closets..

After I posted these verdigris Painted Built-In Laminate Wardrobes a while back a few people asked how I did them so here is a post on the how to, what's involved, what paints I used etc.  There are numerous different ways on the internet on how to do it so do google and have a look which is what I did and this is the technique I came up with eventually to get the result that I wanted.
   Here's the before..
These laminated wardrobes are fine and sturdy and the size is perfect for lots of storage but after over a decade of looking at them my daughter wanted something completely different, something in the Boho Chic style, something more colourful and well, just not brown anymore. 
And here is the After....

Below is more of a true colour of how they  really look. The sun popped out for a few minutes (this is Ireland!!) so I grabbed the opportunity. 
Here is a photo of supplies needed but I'll list them at the end of this post.

First off I painted out all the wardrobe doors including the frosted glass with black chalk paint. Any chalk paint would probably do but I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite  (this also acts as a primer).

I let that dry completely before I applied 'Dulux Sea Urchin Green' from Woodies  (but you can use any dark green paint you have on hand here as it's only another base coat to build on.
I only applied it in patches at first and 'while it was still damp' I started to apply tiny amounts of the Coeruleum Blue with a medium sized soft bristle brush and just rubbed it into the damp sea urchin green to get that blue/green look of aged copper.

I don't have a photo of the sea urchin as I threw out the tin but I do think any dark hunter or forest green colour paint would do. I  just used it as I had a tin left over from a previous project.

At one point I felt it had turned out way to blue so this is where I added the Green Chalk Paint in Plaid. I worked again in patches with the same brush just working a tiny amount of green paint in all over  in patches here and there and really rubbing it in.

Now comes the Prussian Blue Paint. I used very little of this but it made a difference. Using the same brush I applied the Prussian Blue with light feathery strokes. Just tiny amounts on my brush was all I needed to add an extra shadow of colour.

From here I just eyed it every few minute to see if I needed to add more Coeruleum blue here or chalk green there or a little more Prussian and so on and I kept doing that until I was happy with it. At first I wasn't. It was coming out a bit too dark. So long story short I mixed a tiny amount of white paint |(I just happened to have white chalk paint left over from painting our kitchen so I used that) with the green chalk paint and with a damp lint free rag I started rubbing this in very lightly and thinly in circular motions in patches all over the wardrobes. And I liked it! It kind of added highlights.

I left it every now and then after applying each coat of paint just so I could come back and get a fresh perspective on the overall colour. Sometimes I was very happy with the result. Sometimes not. No worries though as nothing is sealed yet and all these layers are a good thing especially for the aged look. I just added more white to green if I wanted a lighter cloudier look. Or more blue to areas that were too light etc,

When I was happy with the colour I waxed the whole thing for sheen and protection. I used  Clear Bees Wax and a thick waxing brush, Again I think any clear wax will do but I had this on hand and it worked out just fine.  It smells though! So open your windows.

One Thing To Note!
I tried out a couple of different gold paints and this was by far the best one (below) for sheen and texture and it had that beautiful antiqued gold look to it. I used this for all the stenciling.
Gilding Wax

Supply List:
-Chalk Paint - Graphite, I bought mine in Sonoma Gift Shop, Ennis but Woodies carry a brand also. I just  haven't tried it.
-Dulux Sea Urchin (or any very dark green paint) I bought mine in woodies.
-Folk Art Grotto Ultra Matte Acrylic Paint 'Plaid'.  I got this from Art & Craft Co, Ennis.€9.95/236ml.
-Coeruleum Blue, Acrylic Paint from Art & Craft Co. Ennis.€5.50/75ml.
-Prussian Blue, Acrylic Paint from Art & Craft Co. Ennis. €5.50/75ml.
-Any Clear Wax. Woodies or any hardware shops.
-Medium brush & rags to apply layers of paint.
-Small brush (I used an eye shadow brush- it's all I could find at home and it worked just fine) to apply the  gold.
-Large brush to apply wax and rags to buff it.
 And that's it!
 Hope this helps you but if you have any questions just ask and I'll gladly answer them for you.
 Happy Painting..


  1. I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.
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  2. Thank you so much Victoria. It helps to write all the details down as I sometimes forget exactly what I used when I want to do the same project again. Have a good weekend.