Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Hand Knit Bob The Builder

Remember This Little Guy?
Is anyone else fascinated by the talents of people who knit? Well I am. I cannot knit for nuts. And when Bob the Builder was all the range years ago My Auntie Claire didn't just run out and buy the plastic version  of him. Oh no - she made her very own hand knitted version of him for my son (who is now 16) so he's been in the attic all those years well over a decade now. Bob that is, not my son. Although we do have two imaginary people called Bridget and Mary who live in our attic and they're responsible for all the things that get lost or broken! But sin scĂ©al eile. So ya, this little guy gets my vote or at least the work that went into him. He even has his own ittle hammer and tool belt made separately! So cute..

Actually I just realised he even has a special little holder thingy on the back of his tool belt for his hammer. Really amazing details! So you can see why I couldn't part with him. Recently my Aunt offered to teach me how to knit so I might just take up knitting in my old age. And we all know what Bob the Builder would say...

Or was that Obama?


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