Thursday, 4 June 2015

Autumn Themed Window Display for Interiors Shop in Ennis County Clare.

Some Close Up Details...

This was the store's 'End of Summer' sale window and they wanted to change it out for a fresh new look using some of their latest fabrics, wallpapers & cushions etc. 

What a great size window and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.. This shop has every fabric under the sun-I love it!

I can never get really good photos without street reflection so the quality of this isn't  altogether wonderful!

The hurleys with blue and yellow ribbons were in aid of the upcoming Clare County final match which was due to be played around the time I did this window. Major excitement!!  

The chairs I used were old, worn unused kitchen chairs with the rattan seats completely shredded away so I just painted them in a gloss black paint and recovered the seat pads to blend in with the display.

 I did the  'M.H. Young' gold lettering with some easy peel and stick lettering just for that extra touch!

Before Shot...

After Shot..

This window is quite long but only 22 inches in depth so we barely fit the chair and table in there but even in such tight quarters you can mimic the feeling of a warm homely sitting room..


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